Broadband data and data rates continue to climb up year after year. All this massive amount of data originating in what people have called the “Internet of Things” reaches an optical or microwave link at some point while traveling to its destination. The required speed, fidelity, performance, reliability and size of the electronics components capable of dealing with such data rates represents a challenge not only at the IC level but also at the package and “interface with the outside world” level.

Our expertise

Our expertise is the design of broadband, very high speed, high performance and high rel integrated circuits (ICs) for telecom, microwave and application specific in a variety of processes (SiGe, InP GaAs, GaN).

Our mission

Our mission is to develop circuits and packages that can perform for an indefinite period of time (eon) without loss of performance or reliability concerns. In other words, our passion is to provide “Performance that lasts”.